Raquel Reis

Hatha Yoga; Meditação

Hello my name is Raquel Reis, I  was born in  South Africa, and I had the privilege of having lived not only on the African continent but also two others. Through this experience, I was able to learn about different cultures and ways of seeing life, becoming a passion for the World.

I believe that the World is based on the sharing of knowledge, love, compassion, respect and joy.

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I have been practicing Yoga since 2009, this then naturally became a way of life, of being for me!  I originally graduated in Photography and then a few years after that I then graduated in Hatha Yoga, becoming a certified teacher by Yoga Alliance.

Two years later I then also started teaching Pilates, Happy Yoga and meditation, dedicated to children in schools alongside the “o pequeno Buda” project.

Since then I have been dedicated to the pursuit of the essence of the root of the practice of Yoga, through  Vedanta, as well as different types of ancestral meditation such as Vipassana meditation where I took a course in Madrid and this year a deepening of ancient yoga techniques to raise awareness with Master Sadhguru in London at Inner Engineering.

“The practice of Yoga is a passion that floods my soul.”[/expander_maker]



  • Albufeira – Guia – todas as quartas feiras às 10h


  • Segundas às 20h, terças às 10h, quintas às 18h30 e sextas feiras às 10h.

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